Are you ready?


In the moment’s excitement, couples tend to make many promises from a cloudy, filtered place of assumptions and presumptions. However, for many, these promises do not come from a deceptive place. Because, sitting in on many counselling sessions, very few indeed come with deceptiveness, and needless to say, they soon find how challenging life can become keeping unrealistic expectations. But for the most part, the challenges that individuals may encounter are simply because of naivety and being ill-equipped to embark on the journey they excitedly set out for.

So, in this book, I aim to pose familiar promises I have heard from couples and endeavour to help other couples consider their motives and methods and draw confidence in God to stand triumphant. The content in this book will bring you to a higher level in your capacity, capability, sincerity, state of personal healing, personal and professional desire, and many more.

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