Know Yourself


One of the best analogies used in the Bible to describe God’s restoration work is the fl ow of a river. A fl ow which really comes from the crevices of your innermost being. Just as a river bubbles and fl ows unhindered along its bed and serves as a feeder to  the ocean, so it is to someone that fl ows from divine personality.

When one finds their personality in the spirit, they come alive. This undeniably, and powerful gusher of vitality and energy is a sign of restoration which can only come from God. This describes a man or a woman that is restored. Jesus pointed to this state when He describes, “Out of your belly shall fl ow streams of living water. The tool that this book gives to the seeker is such that help the student to dig deep to places in you that we will never embrace as value to our humanity, yet it is the simplicity of living that brings us to where we become alive in God’s Presence.