The abundance of one


From all ages, the universe has operated by infallible principles that produce real results. One of such is the principle of the abundance in one. It takes one seed to grow a tree. Abundance is the innate potential of any seed. The Abundance of one is a book that transcends a broad scope of cultural, religious, and social barricades. It shines bright and bold over that one thing that holds the key to your success. Dabo Davies is a strategist, transformational coach, and leads a church based in London—believes it takes just one moment, one opportunity, one challenge, one skill, one promise, one potential to change your life forever. He reveals the bigger problem, which is not having little to do but doing little with one. This book presents keys to access the right soil, thrive in any situation, and grow into a place of abundance. It tells you; your dream is valid. Get ready to move over to a place of multiplication by the power of discovery and re-evaluation.

You will learn:

  • How to navigate lack with an ever-abundant-mentality
  • How to dig up, re-evaluate and invest your inner-capital
  • The secrets and examples of destiny maximisers—their pains and gains.

Yes! You have what it takes, and now is the time to take what you have, and grow an abundance by the power of ONE! Are you ready?