Trading Values for Greater Virtues


Back cover summary

Value makes virtues out of a vessel to establish the authenticity of faith at work in the recipient. But in the realm of the supernatural, faith is not how close you are to the vessel; faith is beyond thronging! Your closeness to God or an individual does not determine the flow of the virtues they carry. What defines the flow of virtues is your value for the vessel. Faith, therefore, is recognizing God’s value, appreciating God’s worth, and acting on His worth/value to attract the release of His virtues.

We see faith as a spirit that provokes and exerts pressure on God’s integrity for unusual delivery. However, faith that is not cultivated on the platform of value will end in frustration in the school of expectation. What compels the release of virtues is the force of faith (built upon values) that commits God’s integrity to act. It is value that releases virtues! Stop putting pressure on God as if He is your employee. Wake up and take responsibility. Grow your faith in the value of God to grow in the spirit. Grow in the things of the spirit to end your groaning in life. All that heaven requires from you is to cultivate a heart that values and treasures God and all that has to do with His kingdom. This is the key to all-round fulfilment in life. It delivers grace and makes God’s mercy so real and obtainable at every point in life.

This book addresses vital issues that we must embrace and practice in order to enjoy the release of God’s abundant blessings on our lives. As a child of God, what makes your destiny colourful is the virtues of heaven that are released upon you as the dew of the morning. Virtues transform destiny, but only your value for God can secure the release of the virtues needed for your fulfilment in life.  Awake and build up a heart of value for God in order to bring to reality His thought concerning your life.  you shall experience a change of story this season in Jesus name. Amen.


Pastor Ola Jones Duyile is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Victory Chapel Ministries, Denmark. He is a Messenger with a mission to expound the word of knowledge to Zion for her lifting from the pit of ignorance. He has served in various ministries as a Minister, Teacher and Associate Pastor. He is an author; a team builder and motivational speaker, and he’s well known for his passion for human development and empowerment.

Ola Jones’s teachings are anchored on FAITH, and he is fully in tune with the move of God for the end time armies as recorded in Joel 2, with a mandate to equip the saints to understand their kingdom royalty in the race.

Ola Jones is also a Chief IT Consultants with prominent IT firms in Europe. He is the CEO and Founder of SDRD ApS, a company devoted to the quality standard of software products. He is married to Lilian and they are blessed with children.